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Why Innovation?
Creating an environment that fosters innovation is a prerequisite to having a competitive business climate and economic growth. Being innovation-friendly attracts research and investment; provides incentive to expand or relocate; creates jobs and ultimately leads to new cures, technologies and products to improve our quality of life.
Innovation Time Line
Below is a timeline of innovation advancement. Click on the page for a larger view.
Member Profiles

Horizon Healthcare Innovations

3 Penn Plaza East, PP-14H
Newark, NJ  07105

Linda Schwimmer
Fax 973-466-4445

Organization Description/Mission – Horizon Healthcare Innovations, a subsidiary of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, is transforming and improving New Jersey’s health care delivery system. We are collaborating with health care leaders and developing solutions to create a health care system marked by high-quality care, increased patient satisfaction and improved affordability. Horizon Healthcare Innovations is launching innovative programs around new models of patient care and reimbursement.

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