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Creating an environment that fosters innovation is a prerequisite to having a competitive business climate and economic growth. Being innovation-friendly attracts research and investment; provides incentive to expand or relocate; creates jobs and ultimately leads to new cures, technologies and products to improve our quality of life.
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2011 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Awards Now Being Accepted

Established nearly fifty years ago, the Research & Development Council of New Jersey has sustained its core mission of advancing research and development in New Jersey through a variety of initiatives, one in particular being the recognition of outstanding R&D work done here in New Jersey. The Council annually honors the most exceptional efforts of scientists and inventors, along with their organizations, with the awarding of the prestigious Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award.  The Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award may be awarded in several categories, depending upon the particular year’s nomination lot; note that depending upon submissions, more than one patent award may be awarded per category.  Attached are the patent award submission guidelines and nomination application.  Deadline for submission is June 8, 2011.

Award winners will be announced in June and will be honored at the Council’s awards ceremony on November 10, 2011.  Prior to the awards ceremony, the Council will create a truly unique film for each respective organization which will showcase both the inventors and the winning patent, and premiere at the Council’s awards ceremony in the IMAX Theater at the Liberty Science Center. In 2010, eight Thomas Alva Edison Patent Awards were awarded to New Jersey organizations (and their 30+ scientists), including Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, BASF, ExxonMobil, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, NJIT, Osteotech, Rutgers, Stevens Institute of Technology.  To view prior years’ winners and films, please go to the Council website at and click on Patent Award Honoree Tribute Films.  Please contact Kim Wozniak if you should have any questions, (973) 274-8336 or  We look forward to your submissions.

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